Returning with New Vigor

Hey what's up? Been quite a long time since I posted or updated anything on here. Over the past year, I have gone through tough events. The lost of family members, issues with work, and much more. I'm now a first time father with a child. A son we named Mateo Hezekiah Rodriguez. Mateo, Spanish for Matthew, means "the gift of God. Hezekiah, meaning "the strength of God. Learning that we were with child and going to be parents, I switched companies within the A/V Industry for something more consistent. Instead I felt that I was working for A/V company that did more household products and A/C than actual A/V systems. And then comes the pandemic, Covid-19. Lost my job like many others, but the blessing on this is that I have been spending more time with my son than I originally thought I would have. Now that I have more time, I plan to begin working more on my music and other pursuits that I am interested in. Sorry for the long pause, but I am back with a stronger resolve and new goals.

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